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In the simple two-sentence dialogue, best replica designer belts there is a subtle psychological mechanism of decision-making. Many people, in most cases, womens designer replica belts see new clothes of the same sex and praise the clothes rather than the ones who wear them.

Most of the other people are not happy when talking like this, replica belts online but there are many different responses. Like the answer above, she probably knows that your boyfriend doesn’t buy clothes for you, cheap designer belts wholesale and deliberately stimulates you. You didn’t make her happy, and she didn’t make you happy. There are also straightforward and confident women who ask, “Aren’t I beautiful?” This situation is a little awkward.

Why do people unconsciously praise clothes rather than take care of them? I call this phenomenon “double attribution.” That is to say, people are accustomed to attribute their success to subjectivity, fake designer belts to attribute their failures to objectivity; to attribute the success of others to objectivity, and to attribute the failure of others to subjectivity. Specific to the above case, is to attribute the beauty of others to clothes, replica designer belts while their own beauty is either natural beauty or post-weather quality.